Packing like a pro.

It doesn’t matter how much you prepare, how many “tips” you read or how big your bag, packing for travel is painful. To ease the pain and hopefully make travel prep easier we’re throwing our “bag o’ tips” into the proverbial ring. Turns out for a weekend on the coast you really only need a few things.

1. Super-chic weekender.
2. Swimsuits. We like a maillot for when you’re surfing (or body surfing) and a bikini or two for sunning and looking fabulous.
3. A maxi dress. Goes from day to night with the addition of jewelry.
4. Straw hat.
5. Sunscreen. No one likes a sunburn.
6. Shorts. Casually cool with flats or wedges.
7. Wedges. Summer’s favorite heel.
8. Breezy tops. To wear with your shorts. FYI: A tunic can also double as a stylish cover-up.
9. Beach tote. Something to tote your sunscreen, beach read, iPod and towel in is a must.



Our Obsession: Sunglasses

We can thank just about every celebrity on the planet for elevating sunglasses to a sought-after accessory. And we can thank Tom Ford for turning out always-covetable styles like the ones below.

A great pair of sunnies shields your eyes (from glare and, um stares), holds back your hair and can totally make an outfit. Stop in to check out our stock of new and vintage styles just in time for the unofficial start to summer.

Word to your Mother!

In honor of our Mothers we promise to:

1. Use ma’am more often.
2. Stand up straight.
3. Run a brush through our hair and always apply mascara before leaving the house.
4. Kill ’em with kindness.
5. Speak slowly.
6. Smile before answering the phone.
7. Write Thank You notes in a timely fashion.
8. Buy clothing in colors other than black.
9. Use sunscreen.
10. Take off chipped nail polish.
11. Not call boys.

Thanks Mom for all you’ve done. Happy Mother’s Day!

Our Obsession: Designer shoes.

It really is true what they say about shoes being a girl’s best friend. A good pair of stilettos will straighten your spine and adjust your stride. Put on fabulous shoes and your outfit is infinitely better – as is your spirit. And retail therapy in the shoe department really can cure just about anything. We should know, we’ve done our time there.

Right now at Revolver we’ve got all of the favorites – Prada, Manolo, Gucci, Pierre Hardy, Michael Kors. . . and oh-so-much more. And since it’s The Season of Wedges, we’re really crushing on these YSL green silk and straw stunners. They’re guaranteed to give a girl a lift. We promise.