Technicolor Girls

Have you noticed recently
that Nature is coming alive again?
Spring is emerging;
from the violet buds of trees to the vibrant green of new grass.
Embrace this new world of color with color-block combinations!

(Jill's Jewels earrings $18, Cole Haan wallet $44, size 6 J. Crew flats $34, Nanette Lepore cardigan $98 NEW, Mary Green camisole $12, size 26 Genetic jeans $50)


The easiest way to color-block is to pull out the colors from a statement piece. In this case, the Nanette Lepore cardigan serves as the focus with its simple shape and bright flowers.By keeping most of the look one color, while still playing on the colors of the flowers, the result is effortlessly bold. With the main body of the ensemble, consider your body shape. Make use of color to balance (or exaggerate) your proportions; lighter colors will make an area appear larger, whereas dark shades have a slimming effect.


(Scarf $18, Jill's Jewels earrings $18, size 6.5 J. Crew flats $32, vintage handbag $8, size medium Inhabit shirt $42, Frenchi cardigan $14, Lilly Pulitzer pants $40)


If you prefer warmer hues, you’re in luck. Pantone’s Tangerine Tango and Solar Power are huge this season. Break up the brightness with a scarf that tones down the blocks of color. By sticking to an analogous color scheme (3 colors beside each other in the Color Wheel) you can create an outfit that is easy to wear yet ever so striking.

(Scarf $12, Jill's Jewels earrings $18, Bottega Veneta handbag $250, size 11 Kate Spade heels $136 NEW, Facconable shirt $28, Monrow tank $22, Rich&Skinny jeans $50)






Care to shake things up a bit? Then toy with the unexpected. Going in a unique direction, same type of color scheme, orange red and purple can make quite an impression. A warm chocolate brown is the perfect neutral for this look; white being too stark and black being harsh, and the pink toe on the pumps is the ensemble’s finishing touch.



(Jill's Jewels earrings $18, Coach handbag $138 NEW, size 8 Report Signature flats $42, J.Crew shirt $32 NEW, Proenza Schouler cardigan $128, size 26 Citizens of Humanity jeans $52)



If lots of color makes you wanna run, don’t fear! You don’t have to wear all brights and neons to pull of this trend. The same rules apply for grayer shades. Cool colors work best for this version and incorporating stripes gives a sporty touch that helps the look feel less fussy or feminine.




Need help figuring it out? Stop by the shop and our in-house stylist will do her best to assist!


Two Weeks of Tweed – Two of a Kind!

We’re getting excited!!!
The Triangle Tweed Ride is getting closer and closer
and we’ve had so much fun getting ready for Tap into Tweed on Sunday (1-5pm).
In celebration of getting together and enjoying good company,
we’ve come up with couple’s looks!
Just in case you find a bicycle built for two, you wouldn’t want your outfits to clash!

(On him: GianFranco Ferre tie $15, Ike Behar shirt $24, 3-piece Vitali suit $168. On her: vintage Escada bag $158, Rebecca Taylor top $58, Billtornade blazer $68, Nick & Mo pants $22)


How cute! Or rather, how cool. ‘Cause this couple’s look is anything but sweet. If you’re a pair that would rather trade a bike for a Harley, or prefer nightlife over daytime activities, these outfits are for you.




(On him: vintage hat $26, Verabelle tie $24, Cline shirt $18, Verabelle vest $42, Banana Republic blazer $62, Volcom pants $14. On her: necklace $25, vintage blazer $24, April Cornell top $32, Talbots Collection skirt $74)




On the flip side, if you’re a couple that would rather take walks in a park or visit the Flea Market on the weekend then lighter colors are more your style. Be a little whimsical with color combinations and accessories!




We hope to see you all this Sunday at the shop, from 1-5, for Tap into Tweed. There will be tweed (of course), and English beer! What more could you ask for on a sunny Sunday day?

Two Weeks of Tweed – A Modern Gentleman

Hey guys, how excited are you to dress in tweed and ride a bike?
Com’on, it’ll be the event of the season!
There’s gonna be bikes, beer, tweed, and girls!

If you’re worried about what to wear,
worry no more.
Revolver has everything you need for a complete dapper look.

(Wright vintage fedora $58, Dior vintage leather gloves $42, Mr. John vintage tie $16, Foot Joy loafers $120, Benetton shirt $26, Ralph by Ralph Lauren blazer $68, J. Crew pants $22)

If you’re a traditional fellow your best look is classic; think Ivy League, Ralph Lauren, 80’s prep. Use cool colors in deeper shades and complement them with textures found in tweed jackets and straw fedoras. Don’t forget your accessories! Every man needs a good tie clip, cuff links, and leather gloves.

(1960's fedora $26, Geox loafers $40, Geoffrey Beene shirt $16, PJ Salvage blazer $42, Britches vintage pants $28)




If you’re dapper but no dandy, then tone down your look with lighter tones. Light browns and shades of green give off a “Hot English Professor” vibe without making you look twice your age. Lose the tie and add some loafers for an effortlessly cool appearance.


(Vintage tweed fedora $14, vintage navy suede loafers $88, J. Crew shirt $22, Fink vest $16, vintage 1970's Wrangler pants $32)




If you’re going to the Triangle Tweed Ride mostly for the beer, then chances are your outfit will be more casual than most. A plaid vest is your perfect piece, and paired with blue suede shoes you can’t go wrong!


(Echo aviation scarf $16, Allen Edmonds loafers $58, Sisley shirt $26, Jones New York sweater $22, Structure pants $28)




If you’re a Dude’s dude, maybe you want to skip the vest and blazer act all together. A sweater is perfectly acceptable, as long as it’s not polyester. A visually interesting scarf completes a look that’s very casual.




We hope to see you gentlemen on March 3rd for Raleigh’s first annual Tweed Ride!

Two Weeks of Tweed – Get Your Breeches On!

Hey all you Tweeders,
Getting ready for the ride?
For you ladies who aren’t into the traditional skirt look,
we are so into menswear-inspired ensembles!

The trouser look it cool, but we dig the skinny-leg look as a modern spin.
Want to be more authentic? Learn how to turn your pants into breeches!
Stop by the shop on February 26th from 1-5 for Tap into Tweed;
We’ll be housing the Triangle’s largest collection of Tweed (thank you Raleigh Vintage),
plus giving tutorials on bow tying and faux-breeches.
If that’s not enough excitement to get you out of bed on Sunday,
we will also be serving English beers!

(Necklace $22, scarf $7, Perlina handbag $18, size 9 Pierre Dumas flats $12, size 4 Rebecca Taylor blazer $158 NEW, small top $54 NEW, size 2 Elliot Lauren pants $32)

If you’re a minimal dresser, then don’t feel the pressure to over-do your costume. Stay true to your personal style by mixing solid colors and simple accessories.

(Good Girls Studio necklace $38, vintage Knox fedora $68, size 6 Tila March boots $230 NEW, size 4 DKNY blazer $28, large J. Crew top $24, size 0 J. Crew pants $34)

For those who want a full-on menswear look, go for a good ole fashion fedora. A hat with a blazer never looked so chic.

(Good Girls Studio necklace $44, earrings $24, vintage 60's gloves $16, size 6 Cole Haan loafers $58, small Cynthia Steffe blazer $58, vintage 60's top $24, size 4 New Haven Supply pants $38)


Don’t forget; the Triangle Tweed Ride is about having fun! What’s more fun than colored tweed?! Green and white are so fresh for a sunny Spring bike ride. Mix up shades of green for a quirky look, and a little accent of light-colored leather is the perfect finishing touch.

(Saola smoky quartz earrings $106, Ann Taylor scarf $6, vintage 50's gloves $28, size 37 Robert Villini boots $128, size 4 Max Studio blazer $48, small dress $64)







Or don’t wear pants! Whether you’re just going for kicks, standing on the sideline, or if you find a bicycle built for two and make your man do all the work (you’d have to ride side-saddle, of course), it’s OK to do a tweed dress. Simple, festive, and sophisticated.

No matter what you decide to wear, we hope to see you at the first ever Triangle Tweed Ride!


***Revolver Online Pick of the Week***

This Missoni blazer retails new for $900, but it’s your’s for only $350!
What a perfect piece for the Tweed Ride

Two Weeks of Tweed – Skirtin’ Around

The Triangle Tweed Ride is near!
Havent heard of the Tweed Ride?
Let me fill you in:

The Triangle Tweed Ride will take place March 3, 2012.
The ride will begin at noon from City Market
and tour throughout historical downtown Raleigh.
The catch – you gotta wear tweed!
Dress like an English professor, like you’re going on an old-fashioned fox hunt, or like you’re part of Masterpiece Theater.
You can mix in a little modernity, but try to keep it classy.

So where do you find your tweed? Revolver, of course!
Here are a few of our favorite looks with skirts…

(Necklace $14, vintage hand-painted Russian broach $22, vintage Freiman Original fur hat $40, Alexia Crawford scarf $28, size 9 vintage Dorndorf heels $52, blazer $42, size medium Uluru sweater $160 NEW, size 4 Annelore skirt $174 NEW)

Don’t over think this! The event is for fun and the fashion is the best part. With simple shapes and solid colors it will be the right accessories that make the look.

(Necklace $28, vintage 60's gloves $14, vintage scarf $18, vintage Coach handbag $98, size 8 Michael Kors boots $98, Theory blazer $148, Agnes B. top $24, J. Crew skirt $18)

If you wanna be a little more sassy with your look, an edge of modern style, then go for a gray-scale ensemble. The look is chic and cool but still tweedy.

(Saola veriscite earrings $72, size 6 Cole Haan boots $128, size small Cynthia Steffe blazer $198 NEW, size small Columbia top $24 NEW, size 8 Gap skirt $12)

Black and gray not your thing? It’s OK to be colorful! Traditionally, English tweed looks focused around browns, burgundy, and deep greens. But who says you can’t amp up those hues and have a little fun?

(Coro broach and earrings $20, vintage purse $24, size 7.5 vintage Bruno Magli boots $158, size 4 Theory blazer $112, size 8 Ralph Lauren shirt $26, Verabelle skirt $48)

This look is an equal blend of new an old. This Verabelle skirt is a revamped vintage piece with whimsical touches. And while this Theory blazer looks like it’s from the early 1900’s, it’s totally modern.

I guess what we’re trying to say is; just because the Tweed Ride is about wearing tweed and looking like old British people, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t incorporate a little of your own style into the look you choose. If you’d like more information about the Triangle Tweed Ride, visit their Facebook page or click here.

Take Me Out

As we get closer to February 14th, the big question is
What are you going to wear?
Even if you don’t technically celebrate
it’s an excuse to get dressed up and wear something new.

Here are some lovely looks for Valentine’s.

(Good Girls Studio earrings $32, scarf $10, Filofax wallet $32, size 8 Nanette Lepore heels $160, vintage 50's "The Vogue" coat $88, size 6 Jill Stuart dress $168 NEW)

It’s simple but feminine; a little black lace and a  splash of pink. Jill Stuart and Nanette Lepore are a perfect combination and a nice compliment to the sleek, mid-century modern coat.

(necklace $65, size 8 Marinelli heels $48 NEW, Prada handbag $140, size 2 Nanette Lepore blazer $76, size 6 Dolce & Gabbana dress $198 NEW)

If you prefer your lace with red;
look how Prada, Dolce, and Gabbana create a look that’s sleek and sexy. The black satin rosettes give a Flamenco flair to the ensemble.

(Saola indian sapphire earrings $53, Banana Republic wrap $22, Ecote handbag $16 NEW, size 6 Manolo Blahnik heels $240, size small Haute HIppie dress $238 NEW)

So, if you’re not traditional, and maybe you’re not going out for Valentine’s Day, then you should still treat yourself. Say hello to Haute Hippie’s “Take Me Now” dress. The name says it all, and strappy Manolo’s are the perfect accessory.

(Necklace $10, Dooney & Bourke clutch $48, size 7.5 Maripe heels $22, size small Yoon cardigan $48 NEW, size 4 Betsy Johnson dress $98)

For the more traditional girl, donning shades of pink and a sweet-heart neckline may be better suited to your style. The look is sweet and oh so adorable, while not being too prissy.

P.S. Send your significant other into the shop and we’ll him (or her) help find the perfect gift!