We <3 Dads

At Revolver, we love dads.
Not just our own fathers,
but the ones that come in and get thoughtful gifts for their wives
or watch the kids while she shops.

We’ve also noticed that every dad has a type.
No – not in women. We’re talking about their style!

So when you’re thinking about what to get your dad for Father’s Day,
look outside the box of ties, tools, and electronics
and pick out a piece that truly reflects their personal image.

(size 10 Johnston & Murphy loafers $62 NEW, Vinyard Vines tie $38 NEW, medium Polo blazer $68, medium Merc vest $32 NEW, size 16 Prada shirt $65, Banana Republic pants $20)



The Classic Dad: He works in an office and golfs on the weekend. In addition to loving his family, he also enjoys the finer things in life. Treat him to a little luxury with high quality shoes and designer duds, like these Johnston&Murphy loafers and Prada shirt.




(size 10.5 Johnston & Murphy boots $88, Publish hat $24 NEW, medium Publish jacket $86 NEW, Quicksilver shirt $26 NEW, True Religion jeans $75)


The Rugged Dad: This guy likes working with his hands, being outdoors, and doing adventurous activities. Instead of buying him more tools or camo-gear, get him pieces that can be worn in day-to-day settings. We love this bomber jacket from Publish, it’s durable yet stylish!




(Vintage suede shoes $88, Brookstone wallet $14, Banana Republic cardigan $32, Laced Alternative shirt $28, Banana Republic pants $18)



The Minimalist Dad: He’s probably a writer or musician that likes Mid-century Modern design. He has a simplistic style and hates clutter. Chances are this aesthetic applies to his wardrobe; clean lines and muted colors. We love this cardigan from Banana Republic that looks straight out of Mad Men.



(Nike sneakers $28, large Publish cardigan $38 NEW, large French Connection shirt $18 NEW, Red Camel pants $22 NEW)



The Athlete Dad: This guy loves playing ball with his son and watching Monday Night Football. Although he’s no longer the star quarterback, show him he’s your star with this sporty cardigan from Publish.


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