The Last days of Summer

Labor Day weekend is coming up,
which means Summer is almost over!

Make the most of these last days
with stylish ensembles to help you beat the daytime heat
and stay warm during the cooler evenings.

(Tory Burch sandals size 8 $60, bracelet $12, J. Crew scarf $16, Vineyard vines halter $18, wrap skirt $18)




We love the muted Summer shades in this wrap skirt; a perfect piece to throw over your swimsuit after a relaxing dip in the ocean. When the breeze turns chilly, use a chic scarf to wrap around your shoulders!



(Enzo Angliolini sandals $26, Calypso tunic size small $175 NEW, Giordano jeans $16)




If you have more elegant plans for the holiday weekend try an embellished tunic. We love the sophisticated simplicity of this Calypso top, and with so much shine you don’t need any other accessories. Lightweight jeans are sleek under a sheer top and thin enough to keep you cool during the day.

(Matt Bernson sandals size 6 $66 NEW, Uniquities earrings $10 NEW, Juicy couture jacket $26, vintage 60’s Shapemaker swimsuit $58, Alice & Olivia shorts $40)




Going to a beach party? A colorful swimsuit is a must-have! This vintage one-piece is groovy with white shorts, and a terry-cloth jacket is sure to keep you warm and dry into the night.




(Michael Stars sandals $22 NEW, Artwear by Natis earrings $15, Talbots scarf $16, Marc by Marc Jacobs shirt $38, J. Crew skirt $22)




For a good, ‘ole Southern cook-out we like a lightweight shirt and a flouncy skirt combo. The ensemble is simple and sweet; perfect for spending time with friends and family.




Have a happy Labor Day long weekend, everybody!


Color Combos – Menswear

One of our favorite Fall looks for men
is the button-up shirt layered under a sweater.
The pairing is classic and cool,
plus its a great way to introduce color and pattern.

(Boss shirt $22, Penguin sweater $18)




A basic white shirt can get kinda boring. If you’re afraid of bold color, try the lightest tint of a hue – like this pale lavender shirt. We love how it brings out the stripe color in this Penguin sweater.

(Liles Clothing shirt $28, Penguin sweater $22)





If you’re working with a solid-color sweater add interest with a printed shirt. A subtle green and blue plaid creates a nice contrast. This type of color scheme is known as analogous; any 2-3 colors beside each other on the color wheel will create a simple and visually pleasing palette.

(Yves Saint Laurent shirt SOLD, Merc sweater $38 NEW)




With a monochromatic color scheme (varying shades and tints of the same hue) it’s best to pick the lightest color to layer underneath. We like how this shirt from YSL has a light blue pinstripe that plays off the stripes of the sweater.

(French Connection shirt $38 NEW, Merc sweater $48 NEW)




If you’re feeling fashion forward try putting two different prints together. Different kinds of geometric patterns can create an intriguing visual effect. To avoid going over-board, stick to one or two colors within both pieces.

A Perfect Pairing – Menswear

the season is upon us when wearing khakis and a v-neck is no longer OK.
It’s time for button-ups and jackets,
and more layers require a little more effort.

This doesn’t mean you need to wear a tie,
but you sure look dapper when you do!
So if you choose to dress like a gentleman,
how do you decide which jacket and shirt go with the selected tie?

Here are a few tricks and tips to assist you…

(Nautica shirt $26, Banana Republic sportcoat $58, Kannon’s tie $12)




With a printed tie you don’t want to go over-board on color. We suggest taking the least-dominant color in the print and making that your shirt color. As for the jacket, stick to neutrals: for warmer hues choose a warm brown or tan, cool colors require a brown with blue undertones or any shade of gray.

(Boss shirt $22, Givenchy jacket size 41 $298, Verabelle tie $30)



We love navy and chocolate brown as a sophisticated, but not-too-stuffy, combination. The key to an interesting pairing between neutrals is in the detail; this Givenchy jacket has a brown windowpane design that plays off the base color of the tie, which in turn has light blue and cream stripes to pull together the jacket and shirt colors.

(Banana Republic shirt $22, Armani Collezioni jacket size 44 $750 NEW, Hi-Line tie $12)





When dressing for an evening out, all black and white is sooo boring. A black jacket is classic, but try having more fun with the shirt and tie combo! A small black&white print can appear silver from afar, making the ensemble a bit fancier: this hint of metallic works well with a shirt that has a slight sheen to it (not glitter or shimmer!). When choosing a shirt color, pick a hue that will make you stand out – we love this royal shade of plum on any man.

(Vintage Sears shirt $14, Fink blazer $28, vintage Halston Heritage tie $20)



If you’re feeling bold try “peacocking”, a term dating back to Edwardian times to refer to a man dressed in attention-getting fashion. The key to pulling of this style is to choose colors that are neither too dark nor too light; jewel tones work wonderfully, like this sapphire blue jacket and emerald green shirt. As for the tie, pick an interesting print that incorporates colors of a similar intensity; we love how this Halston Heritage paisley print tie has a hint of ruby red.


This past Sprint/Summer we fell in love with the romper.
Now, as the weather begins to cool down,
we’re becoming reacquainted with the jumpsuit.

The jumpsuit, originally a utilitarian garment,
has been on the fashion scene since the 1960’s.
It had memorable moments in the 70’s with Disco,
and even with the rock&roll bands of the 80’s (think Kiss and Queen).

Now it’s back and better than ever!

(City Classified wedges $10, Alex & Ani bracelet set $58, Kenneth J Lane necklace $38, Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent jumper size 4 $88)




The jumper has come a long way with a greater variety of cuts and materials to better flatter any figure. We think this strapless number by Cynthia Vincent is groovy with subtle 70’s-inspired accessories.



(Sam Edelman heels $38, earrings $10, CAbi jacket $48 NEW, Daughters of Liberation jumper $58)





We love this streamline jumpsuit with a utilitarian feel; paired with a jean jacket and killer heels the look has a more city-chic or urban sensibility.



(Steven boots $36, Saola Designs necklace $135, Velvet shirt $16, Daughters of Liberation jumper $68)





For an edgier take on the jumper, do it sleek with all black. A small, all-over print (Fall trend!) creates visual interest without being too flashy. Some killer boots and a statement necklace compete the look, transforming the jumper into anything but out-dated.

(Hunter boots size 9 $148 NEW, B-low the Belt belt $42, Hollywood Trading Co. scarf $38, vintage Ann Taylor jumper $38)





We love this Ann Taylor jumper from the late 80’s; it’s sheer material and flowy bottom give it unique appeal. While we’ve styled it for daytime with rich brown accessories, one could easily wear this piece to a fancier event by swapping boots for pumps and the scarf for layers of luxe necklaces. The versatility of jumpsuits is endless!

Printed Pants for Pre-Fall

We’ve talked before about the printed trend arriving this Fall:
Everyone from Prada to Kenzo is doing head-to-toe prints in a suit-like aesthetic.

For some this may be a bit overwhelming;
so instead of diving into an all-over print, try the trend first with a pair of printed pants.
We’ve seen this before with Lilly Pulitzer and her loud prints,
so take a hint and transform it from Summer style
to something suitable for Autumn weather.

(Jeffrey Campbell flats $36, Saola Designs earrings $64, Lauren by Ralph Lauren sweater $32, Lilly Pulitzer pants $46)





When you have a bold print on bottom you should choose the least dominate color in the design to go on top: we picked this vibrant orange sweater to compliment the Lilly Pulitzer floral. The key to wearing an ensemble with bright colors and a large print is to not over-accessorize, less is more! Simple flats and subtle earrings are all one needs to complete this look.

(Por La Victorie sandals size 7.5 $75, necklace $32, earrings $16, Ann Taylor Loft shirt $8, J. Crew jacket size 6 $82 NEW, Alvin Valley pants $56)





Remember those nautical-inspired pants you wore all summer? Add a chic navy jacket to the mix and the outfit is ready to transition into Fall.




(Sandals $16, Erin Brown Designs earrings $22, Malandrino sweater size medium $148 NEW, Eric New York pants $16)






A favorite color combo of ours has alwasys been pink and deep blue. These pink pants have a small all-over print, giving the appearance of solid color from afar and a surprise of print when you get closer; paired with a slouchy sweater, this outfit is comfortable, stylish, and great for any day-to-day activiities.

(Donald J. Pliner flats size 8 $114 NEW, earrings $10, Philosophy di Albert top size 6 $188 NEW, Theory jacket $92, Liz & Co pants $12)





One of our favorite ways to transition your Summer wardrobe is by introducing rich Autumn hues, like chocolate brown and golden yellow. Lightweight pieces in linen and cotton keep you from getting to warm but the textures in each are very fitting for Pre-Fall trends. You can create a similar look by incorporating burgundy, midnight blue, pumpkin orange, or brick red.

The Trench

When Thomas Burberry invented the Trench coat in 1901
he changed not only the world of war,
but the world of fashion, as well.
Today we know Burberry to be a high-fashion UK label
that dresses everyone from Young Hollywood, like Emma Watson,
to fashion icons such as Kate Moss.
But the real story of longevity lies in the progression of the Trench coat over the decades.
From being a garment of battle; weather-proof and equipped with practical details (D-rings were used to attach hand grenades),
to becoming a classic style; constantly reinvented from season to season and year to year based on current trends,
the Trench coat is a must-have in every man’s or woman’s wardrobe.

(Nine West heels $28, Trende Femme earrings $15, Tuleh dress size 4 $498, Express coat size small $74 NEW)

The traditional Trench coat has cuff-straps, shoulder straps, a belt, and is usually knee-length or longer. With all of the variations on the market today, finding a classic trench is not difficult; however, we prefer the hem to come up closer to the hip. This length is more flattering, especially for shorter guys and gals, and makes movement easier. Typical colors for a Trench are tan, beige, khaki, or other neutral shades. These colors go with everything, but can get boring: a subtle print, like this pink plaid, can add interest and individuality to your Trench coat.

(Kate Spade heels size 8 $72, belt $10, Zass Design earrings $25, Donna Ricco dress $48, Moschino coat size 4 $298)

Today, the fashion definition for a Trench coat is so loosely defined that it may include any jacket that is double-breasted, collared, and belted (not to be confused with the Pea coat which is not belted and made of wool). This has allowed designers to stray away from the practicality of the Trench; creating coats in bold colors or adding details like a ruffle collar. A brightly colored Trench is our favorite way to stand out in dreary weather: a red coat is eye-catching and looks Modern art when paired with black&white graphic prints.

(Heels $28, bracelet $10, Shoshanna dress size 4 $120, Moschino coat size 10 $250)

In addition to being handy for war gadgets, Trench coats were designed to protect the wearer from the weather, thus becoming a sort of raincoat.  Although this coat by Moschino does not have all the traditional elements of a Trench (no belt and single-breasted), its rain-resistant material makes it a “cousin” of the Trench and therefore can be styled similarly. When wearing a fashionable Trench on your way to an event, the key is to make sure the hem of the jacket is longer than the hem of your outfit, otherwise you’re sure to ruin the bottom of that fabulous cocktail dress. A coat with a slight sheen or metallic details is perfect for a fancier occasion—we love the iridescent quality of this Moschino coat and how it compliments the natural tones of the ensemble.

(Rafe flats $34, Woodcrafty earrings $30, Bell top size 2 $72, Odyn jeans $50, CAbi coat size 4 $64 NEW)

While some modern Trenches may lack the traditional details, other versions may lack the weather-proof quality. This lightweight Trench by CAbi will not keep you protected in a storm, but is perfect for transitional seasons; you can throw it on when its cool outside, but it’s not too bulky to carry around once the weather warms up. We love a Trench styled simply and casually; a flattering pair of jeans and a printed blouse, paired with this CAbi Trench, is a chic ensemble for running errands or meeting friends for lunch.

A Return to the 20’s

The Great Gatsby is one of our favorite novels at Revolver.
With it’s wonderfully detailed descriptions
you almost feel like you’re back in the Roaring Twenties.

The 1974 film adaptation starting Mia Farrow and Robert Redford
did well to depict the decade;
making us long for elaborate head pieces, bias-cut dresses,
and men in dapper suits.
Needless to say we can’t wait until the latest version,
to be released in 2013, with all its glitz and glamour,
finally premiers.
In the mean time, we’ll incorporate 20’s style into our daily wardrobe,
and find excuses to hold Great Gatsby costume parties.
Speaking of which, have you heard of the Great Gatsby Gala
happening in Wilmington and hosted by our friend Jess James?

(Enzo Angliolini heels $28, vintage Ellis Stone necklace $96, Erin Cole rhinestone earrings $68, vintage fur scarf $46, vintage clutch $42, Calvin Klein dress size 6 $88)







Our favorite 1920’s look has to be the bias-cut dress, invented by Madame Vionnet. This cut drapes over every curve to create a look that is as stunning as it is figure-flattering. We love this look in a champagne-hue; a nice change from the typical black dress. Accessorize with an elegant clutch and a fur scarf to make quite the entrance.

(Vintage Daniel Green slippers $24, Express necklace $12, vintage necklace $14, vintage Ronson lighter $18, 1940’s bear fur muff $120, Kenth ANderson top size 4 $60, Jessica McClintok skirt $44 NEW)







If you prefer the traditional black dress route look for a garment with a column, or straight, silhouette: you can also achieve this look by pairing a straight skirt with a fitted blouse. Nothing looks better on a black background than layers-upon-layers of pearls – you could even drape beads down your back to wear with an up-do! We love this vintage fur muff as the finishing piece, it even has a zip pocket inside to carry your things while you mingle with friends.

(Victoria’s Secret slippers $22, 1930’s crystal earrings $48, vintage gloves $22, vintage fur stole $38, vintage Whiting & Davis handbag $68, vintage Damianou dress size small $220)







In the 20’s, it was vogue to have a completely-beaded evening dress. These days a fully-beaded garment can make a girl nervous; will I sit wrong and break a bead? Will someone spill a drink? Could something snag the thread? If you want the awe of a delicate dress, but don’t want to worry, go for a metallic lace rather than bead work. This dress by Damianou has beautiful silver lace over the entire garment, lending an ethereal feel to the ensemble. Paired with luxe accessories, like brocade slippers and a rabbit stole, you could fit right in with the Old Hollywood stars.

(Cole Haan heels size 6 $78, earrings $12, vintage leather gloves $22, vintage handbag $38, vintage opera coat $58, Love Notes dress $46)







Although ladies still wore gowns to formal events, the Flapper Dress (“flapper” comes from the rain boots ladies would wear over their fancy shoes to go to parties, the boots made a “flap” sound as they walked) was the party dress of the era. Nothing says 1920’s quite like a little black, fringed dress; and we love it paired with an evening coat that has a hint of color! Leather gloves and a strappy shoe lend a bit of edge and modernity to a style that will never fade.