This is Halloween!

It’s officially fall
and Halloween is right around the corner!

So what will you be this year?

Revolver has great pieces to complete or create your costume!

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Whether you’re paying homage to Alfred Hitchcock, or playing off the Mad Men trend, you can never go wrong with a 50’s look!





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If you’re diggin’ Mad Men Season 5, or are a fan of the B-52s, go for a retro Mod costume. All you need is a colorful dress and some knee-high boots.




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Did you love the 70’s? How about That 70’s Show? Why not embody Jackie Burkhart?! Be bold and colorful, and try out that Wisconsin accent.





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Although not that long ago, the 1980’s seem like a whole other world. Embrace the 80’s quirk and be a sitcom star: this secretary dress and nerdy glasses would look perfect with a perm!


A Visit to Barcelona – Part II

If you have not already read what Tessa did in the beginning of her trip
you should definitely check out Part I!

While in Spain, Tessa had the chance to see many old friends who live in the area.
One evening, Tessa and her father joined a family of friends for dinner
at the historic Port Vell.
To reach their destination, the group walked down La Rambla,
along the coast via Ronda del Literal (near Passeig de Colom),
and arrived at Placa de Pau Vila.

La Rambla is a tourist spot full of street performers. Many performers dress as live statues. Here you can see a man putting on his costume and makeup (right) and a woman as a statue, changing poses for pictures (left).

At the end of La Rambla there is a huge statue of Christopher Columbus, or Cristóbal Colon, not pointing to America.

The area near the port is home to many historic buildings, like this one pictured and the Administación de Aduanas de Barcelona.

Port Vell also has modern structures; like Maremagnum, a huge shopping center, the Aquarium Barcelona, and an IMAX Theater!

And, of course, there are a lot of sail boats.

After dinner, Tessa walked back up La Rambla to stop at a hip jazz bar, Milano. The bar had great drinks, a cool vibe, and they were even playing Roman Holiday on a projector screen!

The next day was spend mostly wandering through the Parc de la Cituadella.

Before the expansion of Barcelona, this was the park to go to.
Which makes sense, since it’s HUGE, with so much to see and do.

There is the Museum of Zoology; a castle-like structure built in the late 1800’s.

There is the Museum of Geology; combined with the Museum of Zoology for the Museum of Natural Science.

Tessa’s favorite structure is this “green house”, made of stone and wood slats. The building is completely opening, only having “walls” and a “ceiling” of wood slats that allow for the rain and sun to fall into the room of foliage. Inside there is a simple path and park benches for visitors to enjoy the interior.

The parc also features a scenic lake where you can rent paddle boats!

Near by is the zoo of Barcelona, once home to the famous albino gorilla Snowflake.

Probably the park’s most awe-inspiring feature is La Cascada, or “the waterfall.”
This feature, completed in 1888, was partially designed by Antonio Gaudí,
and involves several ornate sculptures from Roman mythology.

That evening, Tessa and her father ate dinner on Passeig de Grácia.
This is where you will find two of Antonio Gaudí’s most famous works;
Casa Mila and Casa Batlló, pictured below.

Another famous work by Gaudí is the never-complete Sagrada Familia.

Construction began on La Sagrada Familia, a Catholic church, began in 1882
and is still under construction!
It is quite a sight to be seen;
created in a style combining Gothic architecture with Art Nouveau lines.

Want to learn more about Barcelona?
Pick up Barcelona the Great Enchantress by Robert Hughes.
It’s a book as fascinating as it is educational.

A Visit to Barcelona – Part I

There are a million things to do in Barcelona;
from seeing the architectural wonders of Gaudi,
to wandering the streets and discovering shops.

So how do you know what to do
with only a short amount of time??

You can always take the tourist route;
hop on a bus and be led around by a guide.
But where’s the adventure in that!?

Our Blogger, Tessa, prefers to create her own plan of action.

Tessa stayed in HUSA Barcelona, a four-star hotel near Placa Catalunya and the famous Las Ramblas. It was nice, minimal and modern, and close to everything!

Barcelona is a maze of ancient buildings and bustling streets.
Even if you can’t get to all of the landmarks, like this grand cathedral (top of the hill),
you can usually see them from afar.

Tessa’s first day in Spain was spent wandering through the city,
headed toward her favorite “barrio” El Borne.

One of the coolest things about Barcelona is the contrast between new and old. Since most of the city was built before 1900 any renovations take on an ultra-modern aesthetic, like the building in the background made of steel and glass.

Another element of the city are the numerous balconies, typically decorated with plants and the Catalan flag.

At the end of Passeig de Sant Joan is the famous Arc de Triomf; Barcelona’s version of the Parisian landmark. The park in front of this structure is lined with Art Nouveau street lamps that served as the first electric lighting in the city.

If you enter El Borne by way of Carrer de Comerc,
you’ll come across a book store and art gallery

It’s a very hip place.
There are books on everything from local Spanish artists,
to graphic design and fashion,
and even modern architecture.

Next to MUTT is the trendy boutique, Iguapop Gallery. The two spaces compliment each other with an up-an-coming, urban-meets-modern vibe.

Further into the barrio is the Museu de la Xocolata,
or the Chocolate Museum.
Not only does this attraction detail the history of chocolate,
but there is a cafe that features your typical coffee drinks
alongside decadent hot chocolate,
with a huge array of gourmet chocolates.
Tessa had a café con leche with a tea and lavender chocolate.

If you venture through El Borne back to Las Ramblas you may stumble upon the Roman Wall in Placa Ramón Berenguer el Gran. This wall and tower date from the early 4th century BC and it quite a sight to see.

Near by is the Barcelona Cathedral.
A major tourist destination, the cathedral was built in the mid-1400’s.
This Gothic architectural style is typical of the “barrio gotico”,
or the “old city” center of Barcelona.

In the neighboring square there is a weekend market full of antique treasures. If you can stand the crowd you could find a fantastic piece of vintage Spanish lace or cool 80’s sunglasses.

For Tessa, it’s the antique jewels that catch her attention!

Well, that’s what Tessa did for the first half of her trip.
Check back for Part II!

What I Wore in Barcelona, Spain

What a trip!

So much sightseeing and shopping.
Even though it was my fifth visit to Barcelona,
the city always feels like a new adventure.

When packing for the trip
I decided to keep things simple.
My bag contained a lot of black,
some cobalt blue,
and a few pieces in warm brown.

The first day was a bit rainy in the morning, so I threw on my favorite Dolce Vita boots. Worn with leggings and an oversized sweater, this look is comfortable yet flattering. It also engaged in the “Black and Blue” trend for autumn; which I noticed several locals wearing as well!

This picture is taken at the Arc de Triomf, Barcelona’s own version of the Paris landmark.

Although I did not venture out the first night (still on US time), My father and I joined a family of friends for a nice dinner on Port Vell the following evening. To keep warm from the winds blowing off the Mediterranean Sea I layered a jersey jacket (one of my previous Barcelona purchases) over a sleek black button-up, then put on a new pair of plum pants from Zara. We did a LOT of walking that evening, so I’m glad I wore flats!

My third day in Barcelona, I decided to show my father around some of my favorite places; one of which is El Parc de la Ciutadella, located down the street from the Arc de Triomf. This park is huge and wonderful! I wore a comfortable pair of wedge booties, skinny jeans, and a Free People top (you can’t tell, but the back is cropped!) and a colorful scarf. We walked around most of the park; seeing the wooden greenhouse, the little pond, and the grand fountain — look for pictures on the next post!

My last night in the city, I wanted to dress up a bit for dinner. We found a nice tapas restaurant off of Passeig de Gracia to enjoy a final traditional Spanish meal. I wore a Rachel Pally dress (Revolver find!) with lepoard-print flats and a new burgundy scarf from Zara. We ate until we were full, then settled for decaf coffee so we could be well-rested for the morning’s flight. It was the perfect ending to a fabulous trip.

Look out for a summary post on my trip to Barcelona,
including pictures from all of my favorite places!

La Moda en Espana

Hola from Barcelona!

I’ve had the most wonderful time so far
and can’t believe my trip is almost over!

Yesterday was a day for shopping.
I toured the trendy El Borne district before heading to the Zara at the top of Las Ramblas.
The thing I love most about shopping abroad is finding brands not available in the US.
El Borne is perfect for this, full of little boutiques with the most interesting pieces.

Inside Iguapop Gallery


The first shop I went into was the Iguapop Gallery. It had supercool pieces for men and women; including some local and some international brands. They even carried Merc and WESC — sold at Revolver! I picked up a great floral print, sheer blouse that I can’t wait to wear with berry-color jeans.

Iguapop apparel snapshot






I also noticed a lot of muted tones in their Fall/Winter collection and love the combination of dusty rose and navy. This is definitely a look I’ll have to incorporate into my wardrobe.



Another trend I noticed in Barcelona is the use of color for Fall. There are a lot of soft neutrals present and paired with rich shades, like plum and blood orange.

This simplicity allows for the textures to play a larger part in the ensemble; highlighting the chunky knits, soft furs, and prominent woven patterns. It’s also quite sophisticated and translates easily from day to evening.



Bartomeu i Uribe



This boutique sells all items made in Barcelona. I scored a gorgeous gray suede and leather handbag for only 24 Euros (about $30)!








A more youthful Spanish trend for the season is a mix-match of bright colors. Kling boutique sported kitchy garments reminicent of the mid-60’s. This look is playful and full of energy. What a great way to contrast the dull atmosphere of Winter!


Kling apparel snapshot


I ended the day at Zara, part of the Spanish corporation Inditex. Oh how I wish we had a Zara in Raleigh! They produce the top trends at a higher quality than Forever 21 or H&M. I stocked up on colored pants and found an amazing Chanel-inspired blazer!

(L to R) Zara blazer, top from Iguapop, pants from Zara, handbag from Bartomeu i Uribe

Check back when I return for a full over-view of my trip,
plus what I wore while in Barcelona, Spain!