Local Designer of the Month – Johnny Mack

Looking for a truly unique accessory?
Local craftsman Johnny Mack has just the thing!

Johnny Mack makes hand-carved wooden bow ties, ties,
and even a wooden hat that he wears out on the town!

Striped bow tie $208, plaid bow tie $250

Striped bow tie $208, plaid bow tie $250



Johnny began making his one-of-a-kind bow ties after a fruitless search for a large fabric bow tie. He said companies like Brooks Brother were charging $300 or more for the vintage-style bow ties.


Red & Black tinted maple $128

Red & Black tinted maple $128



So, Johnny found a picture of George Clooney at an awards show, increased the picture to life scale, and copied Mr. Clooney’s bow tie. That is the template he uses for his fantastic wooden bow ties.



Black&White plaid $292

Black&white plaid $292



Johnny’s creations aren’t just of regular wood. He uses exotic materials, like purple heart and wenge wood, and does not use stains, preferring to let the natural hues shine. Each patterned piece is composed of strips of wood, cut and glued and cut again, then glued back into a rectangle.


Chevron $334

Chevron $334



Johnny then takes the rectangle and begins the carving process. He uses a variety of saws then fine tunes the shape by sanding by hand. The depth and fullness of his bow ties are remarkable, and quite the conversation piece! Ladies, if you need a Valentine’s gift for your man, a wooden bow tie is perfect!


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